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The benefits of having Ultraformer III and Infini RF together

The benefits of having Ultraformer III and Infini RF together

Many of us seek ultimate anti-ageing solutions. Yes, injectables such as Botox (anti wrinkle injectables)  and fillers can give a quick fix, but are there treatments for people who prefer a more natural look?

With the advancement in medical aesthetic technologies today, we have been blessed with many options. Doctors are now able to combine cutting-edge technologies to effectively address anti-ageing without putting their patients under knives.

Ageing is a complex process that affects multiple anatomical structures, from the skin to the bone. The skin loses its original collagen composition and structure with ageing, causing thinner and more wrinkly skin. Advanced treatments such as Ultraformer III HIFU, Fractional Microneedling radiofrequency (Infini RF) can be used to target this concern alone or combined. Both treatments are able to effectively stimulate collagen by heating up different layers of the skin in a controlled and safe fashion.

Ultraformer III is also able to go deeper to the SMAS layer to tighten and lift the face which yields results comparable to a surgical facelift. The microneedling effects from Infini RF when combined with radiofrequency, can denature old scar collagen and help repair scar tissues such as acne scars. When we combine the two treatments, the end results are usually impressive. Patients can expect their face to feel overall more toned, lifted and as well as their skin to appear plumper, less wrinkly and scar-free.

Skin ageing is also associated with skin dehydration which can be effectively addressed with an appropriate choice of skin boosters such as mesotherapy, Radiasse and Belotero Revive. Mesotherapy is a form of injectable that delivers essential skin nutrients to specific layers of the skin through microneedles to add hydration. For example, non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid can be injected into the deep dermis, epidermis and epidermal-dermal junction to hydrate the skin from top-down, leaving the skin more radiant, plumped and free of finer wrinkles.

We highly recommend having a consultation prior to any treatment with us. Contact Savant or Book Now and our specialists will help you with any of your concerns and provide the best treatment plan for you.


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