Advanced Facial Treatment

Everyone deserves to feel confident in the skin they are in, overcoming their skin concerns to radiate luminosity and embrace their new youthful glow. Here at Salon Savant, we offer an extensive range of 120 different facial treatments using the latest technology and most advanced products. Our doctor led advanced facials are always carried out by highly trained and qualified professionals who hold extensive industry experience to provide you with a high quality treatment each and every time.

Our wide range of advanced facials allows you to find the solution you have been searching for, everybody’s skin concerns are different which is why our treatments are tailored to your unique needs. Whether you are looking to reduce congestion in your pores, smooth out any fine lines or hydrate dull skin, treat yourself to a quality advanced facial treatment to tackle the issue head on. Our customised solutions use non-invasive methods to meet your skin goals, providing incredible results time after time. The benefit of advanced facials is that more than one skin concern can be addressed in a singular treatment if required, leaving you with the best results whilst making significant financial savings.

For first time clients, an initial consultation will be carried out to discuss your skin needs and goals. Your expert adviser at Salon Savant will discuss the best facial skin treatments for your skin type and work with you to produce a bespoke plan that will help you to achieve your desired look. Our spa and clinic is designed with relaxation and wellbeing in mind, providing you with a premium experience from start to finish. Hidden away from the liveliness of Kings Cross, enjoy your facial treatment surrounded by tranquillity and take the well-deserved break you have earnt.



With 120 facial skin treatments to choose from, choose the best approach for your personal preferences. Regain the confidence you have lost through dull skin or pigmentation concerns and treat yourself to a facial treatment for results you have always desired.

Offering a wide range of bespoke facials, maintain and improve the condition of your skin with a facial treatment that will give you great results without any pain or downtime. One of the most popular choices is the advanced cleansing and rejuvenating facial which is suitable for all skin types and provides instant brightness, reduced pores and a flawless complexion. For the best facial treatment in London for ageing skin, the city radiance deluxe facial restores the luminosity in dull, lifeless skin and works to prevent any future damage to give you the youthful glow you’ve been searching for.

Another advanced facial treatment we offer is microdermabrasion. Using tiny crystals to gently remove the top layer of skin cells, the body naturally replaces the lost skin cells with healthy new ones to enhance the texture and appearance. The procedure is non-invasive and takes around an hour to carry out, leaving you with feeling fresh faced and looking healthier than ever.

Utilising some of the latest innovation, CooLifting is a unique advanced facial treatment which uses CO2 pulses at high pressure and low temperature to deliver active ingredients for instant lifting in less than 15 minutes. Being one of our quickest facial skin treatments, even out your skin tone and fight breakouts at their source to see full rejuvenating effects on the very same day. Following the CooLift treatment, the skin will be messaged with the unique Cryoglobe which is filled with freeze retaining fluids to prolong the effects and provide you with quality results that last.

Find the best facial treatment in London for your skin type by booking a consultation with one of our skin experts to discuss the best approach for your desires within a budget that suits you. On top of giving you the rejuvenated glow you have longed for, our facial skin treatments are great for reducing stress and escaping the everyday hustle and bustle of London life. In addition to guaranteeing the best facial treatment in London, we also specialise in laser tattoo removal London and are a leading dermal filler clinic London; offering a wide range of high quality treatments to help you meet your beauty goals. If you’re interested in advanced facials or any of our other services, get in touch to learn more and plan your trip to our luxury spa and clinic.

  • Deposit required for all facial treatment bookings
  • A minimum notice period of 24 hours is required if you are looking to cancel or reschedule
  • For first time clients, a consultation will be carried out beforehand
  • Same day treatments are available
  • Finance options are available on all facial treatments above £150
  • Speak to us to discuss whether the treatment can be carried out during pregnancy