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IPL Acne Clearance

Price Upon Consultation / 30Mins

Treat your acne and obtain a clearer complexion without the use of antibiotics.

Deep Cleansing Facials

£75 / 45Min

These facials are formulated for your individual skin concerns whether it's dullness and dehydration, redness, lines and wrinkles or spot prone.

Carbon Spectra Peel

Price Upon Consultation / 45Mins

The original Carbon Laser Peel aka The Red Carpet Peel

Chemical Peels

£75 / 45Mins

Peel years of age and sun damage off your skin with each treatment

CooLift Facial

Prices upon consultation / 15mins

The ultimate ‘lunch time’ treatment, the perfect way to get instant lifting and rejuvenation.

Gold Toning

Price Upon Consultation / 30Mins

Treat Facial redness using laser to target the root of the cause which lies deeper in the skin.

Laser Toning

Price Upon Consultation / 30Mins

Laser Toning removes or lightens the appearance of melasma as melanin and melanosomes in the skin are selectively destroyed by the laser energy.

LED Light Therapy

£65 / 15Mins

Enhance your body's natural cellular recovery, improve healing times, relieve pain, subside active acne, promote skin rejuvenation and more.

Microneedling RF

£600 / 90Mins

Infini RF provides unparalleled outcomes with high intensity focused radiofrequency technology to stimulate collagen production for impressive results

Ultimate Anti-Ageing Solutions Facial

£185 / 1HR15


Revital Treatment

Price Upon Consultation / 30Mins

The quickest & safest skin rejuvenation solution you can rely on.

RuVY Touch

Price Upon Consultation / 30Mins

New pigment removal treatment that significantly reduces the possibility of having post-treatment side effects.

Skin Rejuvenation

Price Upon Consultation / 45Mins

Remove age spots, diffuse redness, rosacea, poikiloderma of civatte and uneven pigmentation on the face and body.

Ultimate Vitamin Glow Facial

£85 / 50Mins

Award-winning vitamin facial to leave your skin visibly radiant.

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