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Professional Treatments In The Comfort Of Your Home

Many of you have been wondering how you can maintain the results achieved through your skin courses and / or improve the quality and appearance of your skin at home. 

For this reason, we have put together professional kits to help you maintain and improve your results at home using professional medi-grade products with the guidance and supervision of our professional aestheticians and beauticians online.


Professional Skin Kits 

These kits are formulated to treat and manage all of the following concerns:





Fine lines & wrinkles



Uneven skin complexion

Redness and sensitivity

These are professional medi-grade treatments that are designed to manage your skin during self isolation. Treatments are highly results driven and contain high potent non-retail professional products. Each kit is specifically bespoke according to each individual therefore it is important to have a virtual consultation first. Once our skin specialist decides the Kit suitable you will receive it by mail and you will have a virtual session with your assigned specialist to guide you step by step.

They are not a substitute for the facials you can only have at the clinic.


If you would like to start your professional skin care journey in the comfort of your home or have any questions, please contact us via email or call / WhatsApp us on 07444473889.


Postage and delivery charges apply.

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