New & Improved Lash & Lid Cleansing Brush: uses a larger diameter handle and longer bristles, make the feel of the brush softer and gentler during use.

This cleverly designed cleansing brush is an essential tool for maintaining the health of your lashes and life of your lash extensions. Use with your Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser to thoroughly clean the lash and eyelid area.

Working with the foam texture of the cleanser, the varied bristle layers clean deep between the lashes to thoroughly cleanse and remove dirt, whilst respecting lash extension bonds.

It’s perfect for use at home on your natural lashes as part of your beauty routine and as the perfect aftercare product for all our lash treatments.

Single Brush Only.

Following application of the Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser, gently brush the cleanser through the lashes in one direction away from the root to ensure cleansing with minimal interference with lashes and extensions.

Suitable for use on natural lashes, LVL lashes, lash extensions and strip lashes.

Vegan friendly.

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