For all skin types


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Nu-Derm Sunblock Lotion SPF 32 is an advanced formula that physically blocks the sun’s damaging rays without irritating chemical sunscreens. Enriched with special moisturizers for healthier looking skin. Vanishes on skin for a weightless, non-greasy feel. keep skin safe from sun damage and protect it against signs of ageing such as fine lines, dark spots and a rough texture. This sunscreen features 18.5% zinc oxide to help shield the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Active anti-ageing ingredients can leave skin sensitive and more susceptible to sun damage. This formula also doesn’t contain irritating chemicals like other SPFs, while it leaves a smooth canvas for makeup application.

Apply throughout the day and top-up as necessary.

We recommend applying SPF to any unclothed areas of skin (ears, hands, back of neck etc).

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