For all types of lashes

Enhance your natural lashes with the Triple Enhance Lash Serum which works on three levels – lash length, strength and volume. Help minimise premature lash loss and improve the overall condition, for beautiful, healthy-looking lashes!

Our unique formula contains multifunction protein and anti-pollution ingredients to help strengthen and fortify natural eyelashes from within, whilst protecting them from free radical damage. This innovative serum is also infused with multi-vitamins, antioxidants and Panthenol, which work to provide a further boost of intense nourishment.

Use twice daily on natural eyelashes, LVL treated or lash extensions.

Carefully cleanse and dry the lash and eye area. Dip the brush into the serum, making sure to wipe off excess serum from the brush before applying to the base of the top lashes, as you would an eyeliner, starting at the inner corner. Allow 2 minutes to dry before going to bed or applying make-up.

Store at a cool temperature, avoid direct sunlight and keep container tightly closed.

Not recommended if pregnant or breastfeeding

Use with caution if also taking dietary supplements or using other products containing Vitamin A.

Containing a powerful Triple-Peptide Complex, Independent Consumer Trials revealed the Triple Enhance Lash Serum provided noticeable improvements in lash length, strength and volume in as little as 30 days, and significant perceived improvements after only 12 weeks*:

– 70%* experienced longer-looking lashes
– 73%* felt the strength of lashes had noticeably improved
– 76%* felt lash volume had improved

*Based on an Independent Consumer Trial of 99 users applying the product twice daily for 12 weeks.

Our enhancing serum is free from prostaglandins, parabens and fragrance.

Ingredients include: A, E, F, H and B group vitamins, horse chestnut extract, antioxidants including Green Tea and Green Coffee Extract, Aloe Vera, Panthenol and Sodium Hyaluronate.


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