Alterna – Caviar Range

Alterna - Caviar Range

Since 1997, this renowned hair care brand has been at the forefront of the professional hair care industry. This ground-breaking and world renowned hair care specialist boasts luxurious formulations that really beautify and capture the essence of expert, salon worthy hair care.

Pure, proven and professional, their products contain sustainable ingredients like Caviar extract from France, Seasilk, Bamboo, Kendi Oil and more, put together to leave hair healthier and stronger. With over 15 years of experience developing proprietary technologies subjected to consumer, in-salon testing and safety, this hair care brand delivers excellent results that really deliver.

They began their journey by developing products that were formulated without parabens, sulfates such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate, and other harsh chemicals. Their family of mindfully formulated products are designed to deliver performance without compromise—clean beauty that provides an exceptionally luxurious experience at home and proven results in the salon.