skin treatments London

Your skin deserves to be looked after, that’s why our skin treatments in London available at Salon Savant will leave you feeling fresh-faced and confident. We know how temperamental your skin can be as it has to deal with a number of factors that can irritate and harm, whether it’s from wearing makeup, the clothes we wear or environmental factors through the seasons.

If you have concerns with your skin anywhere on your face and body, we have skin treatments designed to boost its appearance and rejuvenate throughout. All of our skin treatments in London are performed by our expert team of Savants and provide a suitable solution for many different types of skin, all within the calming, luxurious surroundings of our hidden retreat in the heart of Kings Cross.

Discover and book one of our recommend skin treatments in London today and see how effortlessly we can help you regain skin confidence.

Our full skin treatments in London list will address many different aspects of your skin, from advanced facials to chemical peels and microneedling, we want our Savantelle to be skin confident, leaving our restorative retreat ready to take on the world with the skin they’ve always desired. When looking for holistic and laser skin treatment near me at Salon Savant, you may be interested in these recommended by our therapists:

Whilst we all live busy lives, spending time paying attention to your skin is important to do. Your skin is a living part of your body and will show signs of strain and stress when not maintained. Some skin conditions are more stubborn than others, even when you stick to a regular skin regime, which is why we can offer a range of holistic and laser skin treatments in London to help. When booking a consultation for facial skin treatment through us, in line with our holistic approach, our highly qualified cosmetic doctors will assess not only the shape and contour of your face but also the overall quality of the skin. We will then recommend skin treatments that will be beneficial to you accordingly.

We have many great skin treatments that will provide the rejuvenation it needs to choose, including laser skin treatments that will tackle age spots, hyperpigmentation, sun-damaged skin and more. The Spectra XT Laser requires a consultation beforehand and can be booked on the same day, providing a total skin rejuvenation solution you’ve been seeking. Candela Nordlys SWT is another ideal treatment for those looking to achieve a fresher and younger skin tone and texture.

Get in touch with our experts here at Salon Savant to find out more about our skin treatments in London. Experience our spa and clinic nestled away from the busy London surrounds and treat your body and mind to the relaxation and luxurious tranquillity.

  • Deposit required for all bookings
  • 24 hours notice required to cancel or reschedule
  • Consultations are required for first-time clients
  • Same day treatments availableFinance options are available on all skin treatments & course above £150
  • Most treatments are not suitable during pregnancy