Body Wrap Treatment in London

Body Wrap Treatment

Relaxing & Slimming Body Wrap in London Treatments

Treating your body to a relaxing and rejuvenating body wrap treatment in London is the perfect way to unwind and relax. Not only will you experience a calming relaxation of your muscles, but you’ll also benefit from perfectly nourished skin that glows as a result. If tightening the skin is something you wish to achieve, we can also help provide slimming body wrap in London treatment that provides a temporary toned look.

Book a consultation today with our experts at Savant and experience for yourself a luxurious body wrap treatment in London here in our spa away from the busy city streets. Why not combine your Decléor body wrap with one of our many other spa treatments for the ultimate pamper session including massages and luxurious spa facials.

What is Body Wrap Treatment in London?

Body wrap in London treatment is a method of treating the body with an oil or mineral-rich formula, then cocooning the body either using cotton, mylar bandages or even plastic film. Wrapping the body allows for the essential oils to work deep into the skin’s layers and provide benefits including:

  • Soft, nourished skin that feels smooth and moisturised
  • Relaxed muscles that provide an all-over rejuvenated feel
  • Toned and tightened skin to aid with temporary body slimming

There is a bespoke body wrap treatment waiting for you to address your body and skin concerns, including temporary slimming body wrap in London options to help tighten the skin. Book a consultation with our experts today to see which of our Decléor body wraps are ideal for you.

Which Skin Rejuvenating or Slimming Body Wrap in London Can I Choose?

Powered by the skincare range from Decléor Paris, our body wrap treatment in London options will address your individual concerns and leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. We can help you select the treatment that suits your body and skin concerns best during your consultation. Below you’ll find more details on the soothing and temporary slimming body wrap in London options available.


Decléor Body Wrap – Destress & Rebalance

If you want to banish stress, this cocooning and warming relaxation wrap is the perfect solution. Destress and Rebalance helps to improve wellbeing by relieving stress and unloading your mind of its worries thanks to indulgent self-heating ingredients that actively help reduce any tension and stress you are experiencing.

The perfect body wrap treatment in London for anyone with a hectic lifestyle that demands attention when it’s hard to switch off from your daily routine. Sublime and relaxing, this body wrap in London includes soothing Vanilla as well as brightening Papaya Extract. The result is skin that is satin-smooth and gorgeous to touch.

Destress & Rebalance will:

  • Smooth, Soften and Relax the Body.
  • With Kaolin, Glycerol and Papaya Extract.
  • Moisturises, Purifies and Brightens the Skin.

Decléor Body Wrap – Revitalise & Hydrate

If you have aches and pains throughout your body, you can melt tiredness away with this super-stimulating body wrap treatment in London. A fantastic solution to poor circulation also, this refreshing full body wrap treatment eases aching muscles and helps to fight that fatigue feeling.

Ideal for those with an active lifestyle, the warming zesty treatment also ensures cold hands and feet are addressed and revitalised. Thanks to the revitalising combination of essential oils including Lemon, Pepper and Cypress, you’ll feel refreshed in no time. This Decléor body wrap can even help target Varicose veins for total comfort all over if this is a concern you have.

Revitalise and hydrate will:

  • Boost and Energise your body
  • Use plant power combined with active essential oils of Cypress, Angelica, and Pepper
  • Stimulate, Ease, and Refresh the skin and muscles

Decléor Body Wrap – Firm & Tone

This collagen-boosting, slimming body wrap in London will help tone any slackened skin on your body temporarily. You’ll be able to repair sun damage and help improve the look of stretch marks if these are a concern.

Thanks to the potent radiance enhancers of Immortelle, Lemon and Frankincense Essential Oils, this Decléor body wrap works to erase imperfections and strengthen the skin. It is also extremely effective at combatting wrinkles. Deliciously nourishing, this sculpting body wrap hydrates and moisturises the skin too, helping to improve hydration levels that result in radiant, firm, and soft skin all over.

Firm and tone will:

  • Boost Collagen production
  • Help to tone slackened skin
  • Improve hydration to leave the skin firmer, toned, and radiant.

Decléor Body Wrap – Polish & Nourish

If your body needs an all-over exfoliation to leave a radiant glow, this rejuvenating and body wrap in London is ideal. Using Orange, Argan and Sugar exfoliating grains alongside fruit enzymes of Passion Fruit, Grape and Pineapple, you’ll receive a luxuriously nourishing combination of natural ingredients.

Able to buff and polish the skin to leave it in the best condition possible, you’ll also feel highly rejuvenated after the treatment. You’ll experience a delightfully relaxing massage that uses warm aromatherapy oils that allows your therapist to focus on any areas of tension and stress.

Polish and Nourish will:

  • Re-energise and restore vitality for the skin
  • Beautifully nourish the skin leaving it velvety soft.

Book Your Consultation Today for a Body Wrap in London

We look forward to helping you feel the benefits of our rejuvenating, relaxing and temporary slimming body wrap in London treatments. Request a consultation today by providing us with a few details, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your booking.

Here at Savant, we have many great spa and clinic treatments available to provide targeted help to a range of concerns you may have with your body. From treatments that address sagging skin, enlarged pores or excess fat, to relaxing massages, facials and specialist laser treatment. In our small oasis away from the busy London streets in Kings Cross, you’ll feel a mile away from your busy life during your visit, whether you book for a weekend or treat yourself during your lunch break.

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