Silky to the touch, treat your skin to the luxurious pampering that it deserves

Swedish Massage

The indulgent, exotic and enchanting kokolokahi body and bath oils have been developed using the finest ingredients for optimum results and sense of wellbeing.


Each oil has been created to evoke an emotion based on the blend of essential oils.  The synergy of ingredients radiate a balance and harmony to improve your mind, body and soul.


The decadent kokolokahi PURITY offers the natural goodness of pure coconut oil whilst the base blend of Coconut, Argan and Shea Oil found in kokolokahi STRENGTH, VITALITY, SERENITY AND HARMONY work in synergy to intensify the hydration and condition of your skin.  Individually renowned for their nourishing and moisturising qualities, the natural ingredients pamper and restore your skin to provide the ultimate body oil to suit your every need.


Each oil is available in a beautifully presented recycled, coloured glass bottle and is packaged in a luxury gift bag. A perfect gift for someone who deserves a sumptuously scented treat.

Price Upon Consultation

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