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When can Desirial be prescribed?

Desirial is indicated for all cases of vulvo-vaginal dryness. This degradation of tissues may be perceived as discomfort or burning, increased sensitivity or chronic irritation and itching which can lead to wounds.
Desirial can also be used in cases of atrophy of the labia major. After a certain age, tissues tend to shrink, especially around the labial majora. This can compromise the natural protection of the vulva and lead to localised pain.


– Hydration of the vulvo-vaginal area
– Soothing effect of the irritated areas
– Improvement of the genital mucosal tissues

How can an injection of hyaluronic acid help relieve women suffering from vulvo-vaginal disorders?

Injections bring hyaluronic acid directly into the tissues of the vulvo-vaginal area to contribute to its efficient hydration. This type of injection exerts a mechanical pressure on the cells of the vulvo-vaginal mucosa indirectly increasing their activity, leading to the synthesis of elastin and collagen fibres to improve the quality of the vulvo-vaginal mucosa.

Hyaluronic acid: Hydrating action

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring molecule in the human body, particularly in the skin and mucous membranes. It has the specific feature of retaining up to 1,000 times its weight in water, contributing to the hydration and the tone of the concerned tissues.
Hyaluronic acid has a short half-life and is soluble in water, so it needs to be crosslinked in order to stabilise the product. This process will bind molecules together according to the patented IPN-Like Technology to obtain a cohesive gel that will last for several months. As a result, DESIRIAL is able to maintain its hydrating capabilities for several months.

Antioxidant mannitol: Protective action

Mannitol is an antioxidant incorporated in Desirial products that limits the degradation of the gel immediately after injection. It preferentially scavenges the free radicals generated by the penetration of the needle or cannula during injection. Mannitol is consequently protecting hyaluronic acid during the first hours after injection.
Desirial is dedicated to trophic conditions restoration (hydration, elasticity, tone, sensitivity) in the vulvo-vaginal area. Hyaluronic acid is directly injected into the concerned tissues to limit vaginal dryness and to improve the quality of the tissues.

The consequences of ageing on the vaginal mucosa

The female genital organs – like all organs of the body – are not immunised against the passage of time. During the menopause, the tissues of the vulvar area are particularly affected by the decreasing oestrogen production.
Without oestrogen, the vaginal mucosa thins and dries out, making it weaker. The vagina becomes less supple and less elastic. Vagina’s natural protection mechanisms become less effective, exacerbating the risk of vaginal infection.
As a result, global discomfort and the modification of the vulvo-vaginal mucosa can have an adverse effect on the women’s quality of daily life.
These symptoms are usually due to the loss of elasticity of the mucosa and occur specifically during the menopause. Child-bearing age women can also be affected.

What does the procedure involve

A simple local anaesthetic may be suggested before each injection of Desirial, which ensures a painless efficient treatment.
Desirial is injected typically into the vulvar area and at the entry of the vagina. The practitioner will use a very fine needle making it possible to inject the product very superficially, just below the mucosal tissue to be rehydrated.
The procedure lasts about 20 minutes.

Are there any adverse effects

After an injection session, as with any injection of hyaluronic acid, some reactions may occur, such as swelling, bruising, itching, sensitivity at the injection site, but these are resorbed normally within a few days.
Any side effects that persist for more than a week or the appearance of any other adverse events must be notified to the clinic immediately.

Are there any contraindications?

– Pregnant of breast feeding women.
– Areas showing signs of clinical inflammation and/or viral infection (e.g.: Papilloma, Herpes), bacterial, fungal (e.g.: thrush), and/or in patients being treated for these pathologies.
– Patient with known hypersensitivity to one of the components (hyaluronic acid).
You must tell your doctor about your pathological history, such as autoimmune diseases or immunotherapeutic treatments.

What is the final outcome

Desirial products reinforce hydration and can be used to restructure part of your body, where you feel discomfort. The mucosa becomes less sensitive to inflammation and associated symptoms decrease. Vulvar pain (dyspareunia), irritation and itching are also reduced. Improving or maintaining your quality of life is an important benefit of Desirial treatments and you should quickly appreciate it. Desirial preserves the femininity helping to limit the vaginal dryness.
Additional sessions of injections may be necessary to guarantee an optimal and long-lasting result. Your doctor will know which Desirial treatment fits you best. Book a consultation to learn more information on the treatment.
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