Dimagra Nutrition System & Weight Maintenance



This is a nutrition that has been used and is still being used as a preoperative preparation before bariatric surgery. This comes from an Italian company called Promopharma and has perfected over 20 years with lots of studies to support that claim. Dimagra 21 Day  SYSTEM provides intake of food supplements and intake of protein, food and vegetables. Dimagra 42 Day MAINTENANCE provides intake of food supplements, intake of protein food, low-sugar carbohydrates and vegetables.

Perfect for those whose goal it is to

  • Increase fat loss
  • Improve skin tone (no skin withering)
  • Reduce visceral fat
  • Modelling of the silhouette


The diet consists of two parts:


Intensive step – 21days

The daily ration of Dimagra (Intensive Steps) consists of an intake of a specific amount of proteins, an almost complete elimination of carbohydrates (about 21 g daily) and a reduced intake

of lipids.


3 Dimagra Protein Aesthetic

1 Dimagra Xalifom

1 Xanadren Stick



Second part of the diet

Maintenance step – 42 days

The daily ration of Dimagra (maintenance step) consists of the intake of a specific amount of protein, the reintroduction of low-GI carbohydrates and a reduced intake of lipids. The metabolism

is rebalanced also through the increased daily ration of calories.



2 Dimagra Protein

2 Xanadren Stick



Suitable for:

Overweight or obese individuals, Vegetarians, celiac, with a BMI of between 27 and 33

The diet is not vegan.

Not suitable for:

  • Kidney or liver disease
  • Type I diabetes (insulin dependent)
  • Neoplasia in progress
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Children under age of 14 and adults over 70
  • Serious psychiatric disorders
  • Severe heart disease



Unlike low-calories diets, Dimagra promotes a rapid and significant reduction of the circumference, especially around waist and hips and in the buttocks and thigh areas.

  • Absence of hunger
  • Quick result
  • Loss of fat not muscle
  • Muscle mass maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • Highest nutritional quality whey
  • Pleasant taste
  • Detoxify your body eliminate accumulated toxins.



Recommended preparation of Dimagra Protein:

-Dimagra Protein Aesthetic should be diluted in about 200ml of water at room temperature or in yogurt low in fat and sugar.
-To change the taste, 1/2 teaspoon of bitter cocoa or soluble coffee powder or 1/2 cup of coffee can be added to the solution.
-To improve solubilization it is recommended to use a shaker.

Keto Diets

The ketogenic diet is one of the most popular diets the world over. It is a high-fat, moderate-protein and low-carb diet that helps in weight management by achieving ketosis — a metabolic state where the liver burns body fat and provides fuel for the body, as there is limited access to glucose.


This ketosis is based on the principles of the kreb cycle:

Most organisms use glucose as a major fuel source, but must break down this glucose and store the energy in ATP and other molecules The Krebs cycle is the second stage of aerobic respiration, the first being glycolysis (the breakdown of glucose by enzymes, releasing energy and pyruvic acid) and last being the electron transport chain; the cycle is a series of stages that every living cell must undergo in order to produce energy

The cells start to generate energy through the oxidation of acetate—derived from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins—into carbon dioxide.

Main Meal at lunch time

The time we eat has a big impact on our internal body clock, which can have a huge impact on our waistlines.

Meal timing is thought to affect the body’s circadian rhythm, the 24-hour cycle that regulates biological processes including calorie-burning, hormone release and the balance of blood sugar, blood cholesterol and blood pressure.

Studies suggest that postmeal calorie burning is higher after a morning meal than at dinner. As well, blood sugar and insulin responses are higher after the evening meal than after breakfast. Both responses may help explain why evening or late-night eating is associated with weight gain and obesity.

Eating a greater proportion of daily calories early in the day has also been tied to a lower level of ghrelin, a hunger hormone that stimulates appetite and promotes fat storage.


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