Excess Facial and Body Hair

Excess hair is determined when there is an excessive amount of hair on the face and body or when hair grows in unusual places. It is normal to have some hair on the face and body, but excess hair can cause discomfort for others and may leave them feeling self-conscious about their appearance.

An excessive amount of hair growth is caused by hormones called androgens. For women, the hair may grow in places where men often have a lot of hair due to hormonal imbalance. This includes the upper lip, chin, chest, and back. Hair growth causes no physical harm, and the type of treatment to remove or reduce hair depends on personal preference.


  • Genetics
  • Certain ethnic groups have an increased risk of hirsutism, such as women of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and Mediterranean descent
  • Menopause
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Certain medications


Here at Savant King’s Cross, we have multiple treatment options to treat excess body hair:

  • Waxing to maintain smooth skin.
  • Laser hair removal. A laser beam is used to damage the hair follicle, causing the hair to fall out.
  • We also offer facial threading.
  • Rather than remove the hair, another option is to safely bleach excess hair.


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