Laser Hair Bleaching
Safest method to bleach hair without chemicals

Laser Hair Bleaching

  • Group (A)  ……£35Any one area up to 10 mins of treatment Upper Lip, Chin, Hands, BrowsGroup (B)  ……£70

    Any one area up to 20 mins of treatment Fingers, Toes, Sides of Face, Forehead

    Group (C)  ……£85

    Any one area up to 30 mins of treatment Feet, Back of Neck, Full Face, Upper Arms

    Group (D)  ……£100

    Any one area up to 45 mins of treatment Neck, Chest, Lower Back, Stomach

    Group (E) ……£115

    Upper Back, Upper Legs or any other areas up to 60 mins of treatment

    Treatments are priced by time. If treatment time exceeds the minimum above, the appropriate price will apply.

Finding a solution to unwanted hair on your face or body is something many of us have looked for, trying everything from plucking, shaving, and waxing. However, many of these methods can leave your skin feeling irritated or sore, especially underclothing, and may leave you feeling self-conscious. An innovative solution we provide here at Salon Savant could be the answer you seek – laser hair bleaching.

Non-invasive and effortlessly applied, Spectra XT hair bleaching in London is a laser treatment to help you look your best without experiencing side effects. We’ll turn unwanted dark hair invisible, so you can go about your busy day with confidence – book a consultation today.

  • Recommended every 4–6 weeks.
  • Zero downtime.
  • Zero pain.
  • Suitable for all skin tones and ages.
  • No patch test is required.
  • Not recommended for areas with coarse hair.

The Spectra Hair Bleaching

Specifically designed to address the fine hairs that cannot be treated by other laser hair treatments, Spectra XT hair bleaching targets the melanin in the hair, with the laser bleaching the hair to disguise any unwanted dark hairs. The benefits of the Spectra XT laser are that it can be used on any skin type, is pain-free, and will not stimulate further hair growth. You’ll be able to walk in and have laser hair bleaching treatment performed by our experts, and walk out with no downtime – the perfect solution that we are delighted to offer to our clients.


The harmful effects of traditional hair bleaching and lightening products are well documented and extend beyond the surface of the skin, with long-term use posing an even greater risk. To avoid any unwanted side effects of traditional procedures and cheap chemical products, Spectra XT laser hair bleaching in London offers an innovative and safe alternative that only targets the fluff on the skin – you’ll wonder how you dealt with unwanted dark hairs for so long without it.

Some hair/fluff on different areas of the body and face do not respond to normal laser hair removal methods because they are either too fine or too light. Also, they are inconvenient to shave, pluck, wax, and thread continuously. Not only due to the discomfort experienced, but also the irritation it causes to the skin. Bleaching the hair and fluff using the Spectra XT Laser will safely resolve the problem and prevent any ingrown hairs or adverse reactions, leaving you feeling transformed by the results. The most popular area to treat is the face, however, you can remove excess fluff on any area of the body


Laser hair bleaching is one of many professional laser treatments we provide here at Salon Savant, where we can also help you with laser tattoo removal and laser toning amongst others. All of our treatments are performed by our team of experts who help to create a cosmetic haven and provide a relaxing and tranquil environment for our Savantelle. Our fully qualified practitioners and aestheticians within our team will provide the results you desire within our secret haven in the heart of King’s Cross.

Whilst visiting us at our relaxing and restorative retreat, why not enquire about our other Spa treatments including massages, aromatherapy, facial and body treatments and much more. We can help you address any of your beauty concerns and provide bespoke results that have been developed to provide the best for your body and mind.


Get in touch with our experts today to find out more about laser hair bleaching in London and our other luxury services. Continue your Salon Savant experience at home by browsing our online shop that offers premium skin brands you can order to your door, including skincare, eye care, hair care as well as accessories.

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