Loss of Volume in Face

As we age, our skin’s collagen and elastin begin to decrease, leading to a loss of volume in face in some key areas such as the cheekbones, the under-eye area, and cheeks. It can also make certain areas look heavier, such as the jowls and neck, which can lead to sagging skin and may sometimes alter the structure and shape of our whole face. Loss of volume in cheeks and the face, especially when paired with increased fat pads lower in the face and neck, is a common factor of ageing.

At Salon Savant in Kings Cross, London, we have developed several treatments to address midface volume loss, helping our Savantelle rejuvenate their facial features and provide a more youthful appearance. Whilst age catches up with all of us and your face losing volume is to be expected, we believe you can still look your best by providing plenty of expert advice and treatment options for you. Browse our full treatment list and book a consultation today.

What Causes the Loss of Volume in Cheeks & Face?

The three main causes of loss of volume in face and cheeks are from hormonal changes, environmental factors, and extreme diet and exercise. Everybody experiences different reasons for their face losing volume as it is a natural part of the ageing process, but diet and lifestyle are big factors in determining the effect on your skin. The loss of definition and shape from youthful high cheekbones and plump skin is affected by:

  • Hormonal changes such as those experienced during pregnancy
  • Environmental factors such as Smoking, UV damage, stress, and pollution. All of these produce harmful free radicals, which break down collagen and elastin, reducing the “Biological Velcro” that holds our skin tissues up, preventing gravitational descent.
  • Weight loss and extreme dieting
  • Sun exposure
  • Loss of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid
  • Thinning bone density

Whilst all of these causes aren’t guaranteed to cause midface volume loss, they can accelerate the process, leading to a quicker decline of the youthful facial proportions that many of us want to maintain for longer.

How to Prevent Midface Volume Loss

The good news is, there are many things you can do to prevent the loss of volume in cheeks and your face, not all involving heavy lifestyle changes:

  • Avoid yo-yo diets and excessive exercise
  • Eat healthily to maintain a healthy weight and happy hormones
  • Take supplements to support your skin and boost collagen production
  • Practice sun safety and wear broad-spectrum sunscreen daily
  • Reducing stress
  • Quit smoking and reduce any exposure to secondary smoke
  • Improve your skin and tissue quality (i.e. boost collagen and elastin) through skin products and treatments

How We Can Help with Face Volume Loss Treatment in London

With the help of our specialised Doctor, we can design specific programs to address the loss of volume in face. At Salon Savant in London, we only use gold-standard products and treatments to help improve feature definition to restore a youthful volume and enhance your facial balance and harmony.

We have multiple treatment options to treat the loss of volume in face and cheeks:

  • Dermal filler treatments – These specialised treatments can help shape and restore plumpness to fill out sunken facial areas caused by volume loss.
  • Profhilo to boost the skins own production of collagen, refining and hydrating the skin.
  • Volite HA boost using Juvederm Volite Dermal Fillers with Hyaluronic acid to boost the skin and encourage rejuvenation of lost volume in face over time.
  • Fractional Microneedling RF where tiny needles are rolled across the epidermis to encourage new collagen production.

We recommend having a consultation prior to the London face volume loss treatment, where our highly experienced Savant Specialists will assess the areas you wish to treat and generate a bespoke treatment plan for you.

Book Your Face Volume Loss London Treatment Today

Get in touch with our Savants today to book a consultation and get the expert advice to resolve any loss of volume in face concerns you have. As a leading clinic and spa in the heart of Kings Cross, London, we can help you rejuvenate your body and mind in our tranquil location away from the London hustle. Discover our other popular treatments and visit our Savant Shop for an at-home spa experience using the latest advancements in skincare.

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