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Address any skin concerns with our skin rejuvenation in London treatments, designed to help you refresh and reinvigorate your face and body. Book a consultation with our experts today and discover a range of solutions to help you treat sun-damaged skin, hyperpigmentation and the signs of ageing.

Why Choose Skin Rejuvenation Treatments?

Enjoying the sunshine is good for the soul and the immediate effect it has on the skin, such as a tan and healthy glow, are much desired. However, long-term sun exposure will decrease the production of collagen in your skin, leading to uneven pigmentation, redness, and a lack of firmness.

To help address these concerns, our skin rejuvenation treatments will improve your skin’s overall appearance for a clear and bright complexion. Through the delivery of short bursts of light that directly target the blood vessels or melanin within your skin, it delivers clinically proven results in skin rejuvenation. A study of the Nordlys™ system showed 83% of patients had a greater than 50% improvement in cleared vessels.

To see if you are suitable, book a consultation today at our skin rejuvenation clinic where our experts will advise the best course of treatment for your skin type.

What Concerns Do Skin Rejuvenation Address?

Suitable for the Face and Body, our therapists will address any skin concerns you may have. Skin rejuvenation will help target:

  • Age Spots
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sun Damaged Skin
  • Freckles
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Diffuse Redness
  • Improving Tone & Texture of Skin

By booking for skin rejuvenation, you will be able to see which treatments will be most effective for your concerns and receive the best advice from our experts.

How Do Skin Rejuvenation Treatments Work?

The Ellipse Laser/ SWT Skin Rejuvenation Facial Treatment rejuvenates the skin by directing well-controlled pulses of light into the upper skin layer. The light is absorbed by two of the body’s own natural chemicals – Melanin in the pigmented areas and Haemoglobin in the red blood cells. Both these pigments convert the light energy into heat. This heat is used to destroy the parts of the cells in which the melanin is stored, and to damage the walls of the vessels supplying blood to the areas where vascular damage is seen.

The visible light produced by the Ellipse Laser/ SWT system is carefully controlled to produce the correct pulse length and the right amount of energy. This will destroy the targets without damaging surrounding tissue, providing skin rejuvenation.

This is a quick and simple treatment that does not interfere with your normal daily routine and currently offers the best anti-ageing skin treatment around. Not only will you experience first-class treatment, but you’ll experience this in the comfortable and tranquil setting of our clinic. You’ll feel miles away from the busy London streets in our Kings Cross oasis where you can book in for multiple spa and clinic treatments if you have the time.

Who Can Be Treated at our Skin Rejuvenation Clinic?

The best results from skin rejuvenation treatment are seen with clients of skin types 1-3, with and skin type 4 able to be treated with care. Don’t worry if you are not entirely sure which skin type you have, as our experts will advise you during your consultation.

It is important that our clients avoid sun exposure 30-60 days prior to treatment. Sun exposure can increase the risk of pains or burns from excessive light absorption in the epidermis. If you have a suntan, it may be better to wait until the colour reduces to achieve maximum results. The Ellipse has pre-programmed treatment suggestions for different skin types, so we will be able to personalise the treatment precisely for you.

How Long Is Skin Rejuvenation Treatment?

  • Up to 45 minutes for the full face, including consultation and preparation.
  • On average, 3 treatments may be required to achieve the full effect.
  • Many clients choose to have 2 annual maintenance treatments to keep their skin youthful.

What You Need to Know Before Treatment

  • Avoid tanning (sun, solarium, or self-tanning products) up to 30 days before & after treatment.
  • No downtime – you can return to normal activities immediately.
  • The treatment is pain-free


What to Expect After Skin Rejuvenation

  • The skin will look a little “dirty” for a few days as the treatment brings out the pigment from the skin.
  • The skin will look fresher and a lot smoother after this.


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A consultation is always required before the treatment. We look forward to helping you regain confidence with our treatments. Please get in contact with the team if you’d like to find out more and browse our online shop for the latest at home products to use when you can’t visit us.

At Savant, we can help you address a variety of skin and body concerns you may have with bespoke clinic and spa treatments. Whether you want to experience a relaxing massage, spa facial or book in for our skin rejuvenation in London, you’ll be assured to leave feeling refreshed and relaxed after your visit.

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