Stretch Marks

If you have been left concerned about stretch marks on your skin, the good news is we can help you reduce the appearance of this type of scarring. Our stretch mark removal in London treatment will target the areas of your body that are prone to this and help restore your body confidence. Through the process of medical micropigmentation, you’ll see fast results to improve your appearance.

Book your stretch mark removal consultation with our experts and we’ll show you the results you can expect with our personalised stretch mark treatment.


Stretch marks, also known as “Striae” or “Striae distensae”, are a form of scarring on the skin that causes an off-colour hue that develops when our skin stretches or shrinks quickly. The abrupt change causes the collagen and elastin, which support our skin, to rupture.  As the skin heals, stretch marks may appear as reddish or purple lesions and may cause concern due to their appearance. These can occur anywhere on the body but are most likely to appear in places where larger amounts of fat are stored. 

Stretch marks can be pink, red, brown, black, silver or purple. Over time, stretch marks tend to lose pigmentation and gradually fade. They pose no health risk to you and do not compromise the body’s ability to function normally and repair itself. However, they are often considered a cosmetic nuisance, which is why here at Savant our stretch mark removal treatment is the ideal solution. With medical micro-pigmentation used to help conceal their appearance by our expert team, the results of advanced stretch mark treatment will help to resolve this concern where other creams and treatments can’t.

The most common places stretch mark removal treatment can target include:

  • Abdomen (especially near the navel)
  • Breasts
  • Arms (Upper and under)
  • Back
  • Thighs (both inner and outer)
  • Hips
  • Buttocks


Common Causes of Stretch Marks

The causes of stretch marks are wide-ranging and many of us will experience them over time. Here are some of the most commonly reported causes that our stretch mark removal in London will address:

  • Being female
  • Having a personal or family history of stretch marks
  • Being pregnant, especially for younger women
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Rapidly gaining or losing weight
  • Using corticosteroid medication/steroid creams
  • Undergoing breast enlargement surgery
  • Having Cushing’s syndrome, Marfan syndrome or certain other genetic disorders
  • Have a family member with stretch marks


It may not always be possible to prevent stretch marks from happening on your skin, but one of the best ways to reduce your chance of getting them is by maintaining a healthy weight. Since there is no high-quality evidence that topical oils and creams can prevent them in the long-term, our specialists could provide the resolution you need.

During pregnancy, for example, you’ll gain weight over a relatively brief period, which can trigger the appearance of stretch marks. It’s advised to work with your doctor to avoid rapidly gaining too much weight by eating well and exercising regularly. To prevent stretch marks, aim for slow and gradual weight gain during pregnancy. This not only minimises the appearance of stretch marks but also is healthy for you and your baby.

If you do have concerns with stretch marks, our dedicated, expert medical team is here to help you. Booking a consultation will help us determine the best course of action using medical micropigmentation tailored to you.

How We Can Help with Stretch Marks

Whilst no treatment can permanently make stretch marks disappear, at Savant we can help to greatly reduce their appearance with a variety of advanced skin services we offer to target stretch marks. Below are some ways we can help with stretch mark treatment, with some more effective in the long term than others depending on your needs:

  • Self-tanner: Tanning will not get rid of stretch marks as they don’t tan, therefore they will become more noticeable. While tanning can make stretch marks more noticeable, a self-tanner can camouflage stretch marks — both early and mature ones. A self-tanner cannot get rid of stretch marks. Call us to book your tanning session.
  • Medical Micropigmentation uses special ink mixing formulas to help repigment everything from stretch marks to scars, vitiligo and hyperpigmentation issues. The power of this is it can ensure the scar looks exactly the same colour as the surrounding skin.
  • Retinoid creams (often called tretinoin) derived from Vitamin A, or hyaluronic acid – these may help if used on new stretch marks, but you should not use retinoid creams if you’re pregnant. Consult with our Savant specialists on which products are right for you.
  • Microdermabrasion involves polishing the skin with tiny crystals to reveal new skin that’s under the more elastic stretch marks. Microdermabrasion can improve the appearance of older stretch marks by removing a fine layer of skin.
  • Chemical peels that remove the top layers of your skin to remove dead and damaged cells and boost new skin growth.
  • Radiofrequency uses radio wave energy to create heat and trigger your body to make collagen. One small study found this treatment is safe and can improve stretch marks, but scientists need to do more research.
  • Ultrasound works a lot like radiofrequency treatments. The procedure sends sound waves deep into your skin to heat, tighten and jumpstart collagen production.
  • Light and laser therapies – A variety of light and laser therapies are available to help stimulate the growth of collagen or elastin in your skin. Your doctor can help you determine which technique is appropriate for you.
  • Topical products that contain Cocoa butter, Shea butter, olive oil, vitamin E oil, and other moisturising ingredients; These natural creams can make your skin feel softer, but it isn’t clear if they help or prevent stretch marks. Please consult your Savant specialist to find out which products are best for your concern.

We recommend having a consultation prior to the treatment, where our highly experienced Savant Specialists will assess the areas you wish to treat and generate a bespoke treatment plan for you. If you need any help or want to find out more about our clinical treatments here at Savant, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Medical Micro-pigmentation service

When choosing to book a consultation to find out more about stretch marks removal laser cost, you’ll be informed of how the procedure will be carried out and the benefits for you. Below is an example of the medical micro-pigmentation benefits you can expect. Please note, each treatment will vary between individuals depending on your needs.

  • The area you wish to treat with stretch mark removal will be well-balanced between the damaged tissue and the surrounding area. This provides the best possible way to individually blend pigments that match your skin.
  • Undergoing medical micro-pigmentation is safe, with the procedure impacting only the first layer of the epidermis and effectively treating stretch marks. This laser stretch mark removal procedure does not go further into the skin like other cosmetic procedures.
  • You can expect results to last between 1 and 3 years, sometimes longer depending on your skin type and the aftercare performed.
  • To avoid discomfort during medical micro-pigmentation, we will numb the area if required, using a very effective topical anaesthetic. Most clients feel no discomfort throughout the treatment, while a few may feel a slight prickly sensation. Fine needles are used during this procedure, so no bleeding will be experienced.

Speak to our team today to book your consultation, where stretch marks removal laser cost will be discussed along with your expected results.

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